Where is the popularity of barbecue headed?

Recently New York Magazine declared Barbecue the new Deli. Suddenly people in the Big Apple seem to know what most the rest of us have for quite a while now, barbecue is big. From chains of restaurants to the explosions of competitions barbecue has become not just the new lunch spot but one of the fastest growing “sports” in Canada.

While barbecue has existed for centuries the combination of technology from new electric smokers to the vast array of information on the internet has caused millions of people to find true barbecue and to become fans consuming more and more food, books and equipment. While barbecue can’t be considered a fad there is a fad like quality to this growth in popularity.

With millions of dollars being invested into all kinds of barbecue related businesses the $64,000 question is how big will it get and where is it headed. If there is a surge in popularity there will inevitably be a decline.


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