The comfort of a natural gas furnace

Why is natural gas the homeowner’s best choice in home heating?

Because homes heated with natural gas all feel alike – warm and draft-free. Even in the coldest weather, while electric heat pumps may fail to adequately deliver heat, you can rely on a natural gas furnace. A gas furnace delivers air from the vent at about 130 degrees F, which can be as much as 40 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump. Of all new homes built, over 80% use natural gas as the main central heating system. Gas furnaces not only provide comfort by bringing a steady flow of warm air, they also heat your home faster while using less energy. And the life of a gas furnace is two times that of an electric heat pump. Additional features such as pilot-less ignition and zone heating make natural gas the right choice for heating your home.

So stay warm and comfortable with a natural gas furnace. It is the economical way to heat your home!


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