Gas Pool Heaters

September 2, 2008 by  
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Gas heaters are either Natural Gas or Propane (LP). Both heaters offer the same efficiencies. Natural gas may be somewhat less expensive to heat with since natural gas is already available at your home. Propane gas must be trucked in and pumped into a tank in your yard. Basically, all gas heaters work the same way. There are burner elements where the gas flame heats up a special metal heat exchanger tubes.

Water from your filter is pumped into the inlet of the heater. The water flows through the heat exchanger, picking up some heat, and flows back to your pool or spa out the header outlet. Water coming into the pool with feels a little warm, not hot. After repeated cycles, the pool water begins to feel warmer to the touch. The new heaters from most major manufacturers are made to exacting standards and will be much more efficient than the older model gas heaters. Just like the furnace in your home, today’s furnaces do a much better job than the older, larger units of yesteryear.

You may wish to replace your old gas heater with a new one and save hundreds of dollars per year on heating costs. Remember: Heater efficiency is a ratio of usable heat the heater produces to the energy it consumes to produce the heat. The typical gas heater is 83% efficient. This means that for every $100.00 you spend on gas, you are getting $83.00 worth of heat. At SPP we offer some heaters with efficiencies up to 95%. These are called High Efficiency heaters and are priced accordingly.